File Manager

Frigate3 is a Windows-based utility program designed to manage files and folders easily and conveniently. This software is created to function much like Windows File Explorer, only it has added features that you can take advantage of.

Frigate3 has a two-panel interface that makes it easier to view two different file locations or directories for copying, pasting and cutting of files.

Also, this application supports plug-ins for Total Commander and folder synchronization with FTP servers. This feature is useful for businesses that require access or exchange of files to remote computers or locations.

Frigate3 is also capable of managing and previewing multimedia files including MP3s and video files. This software has a built-in player for audio and video playback and an image viewer so that you don't have to open a media player to watch movies.

You can also do search and replace operations with this tool. Other key features of this product include text file comparison, a built-in Hex editor, a DBF editor and HTML viewer.